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Fedora participation

I was asked this question last week, Therefore, at this point, we kindly ask that you should please inform us whether: a) You’re an active ambassador mentor and currently available b) You’re an active ambassador mentor, but currently unavailable c) You’re an inactive ambassador mentor and wish to offer your place to someone else And […]

Ubuntu Upgrade *BUG*

Apparently when you upgrade Ubuntu from LTS to 16.10 [using do-release-upgrade], the network system stops working, in my case it was down to a specific file not being created at upgrade. If you upgrade ubuntu from LTS to 16.10 and your ethernet stops working then make sure this file exists on your system, I bet […]

"no internet access"

For my information really, had an issue in windows 7 where the internet icon said “no internet access” but was browsing fine. Wasn’t really a problem until I had to reinstall office 365 which needed a complete and valid internet connection to register.  So had to fix it.  This is what worked for me, it […]

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