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Youtube Gameplay Videos

If you weren’t aware, I’ve started [just for a giggle] creating youtube gameplay videos, my channel can be found here – [feel free to subscribe]

As it’s my first time doing this sort of thing, I wondered how people got their videos small enough to upload, without having to spend hours uploading.  After a little research, wasn’t too hard after all.

I use a product called DXTORY to record my gameplay, it’s a lovely program and works really well.  For 30 minutes of gameplay, it will create a 47GB file.  Wow, that’s huge, I’m not uploading that.  But wait.

The recording contains two audio streams, one for the game and once for my voice, so I have to extract the audio, it’s as simple as right clicking the file and selecting extract audio.  I then delete the gameplay audio stream as I don’t need it.

For combining my gameplay video, to my voice, I just use Adobe Premier, drag both sources into the video, change the volume levels slightly so that my voice can be heard over the video, and then export the whole thing.  This usual knocks down the size of the video to about 2GB, this is still large, but not so bad that I couldn’t upload it at a push.  But WAIT!!!!

Enter HANDBRAKE, this program with take your Premier output and compress it further, still at HD quality.  Import the video, tell it where you want to export it to, make sure you select Web Optimized, and go make a coffee [takes me about 30 mins to convert]

Boom, one completed video file ready to upload at………………824MB, and this is for a 30 minute video…..yeah I can live with that.

So just to recap, 47GB —> 2.28GB —> 824GB result.

Is this how other youtubers work?

Updated: May 3, 2017 — 8:03 am

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