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Removal of Ads

Today I’ve decided to remove all ads from my site [], I decided to do this as, to put it bluntly I hate ads on websites.  I have adblock pro installed in my browser and thought it was a bit two faced, if I block ads, but run them on my own site.  So from […]

Redhat RHCSA

One of my objectives for 2016 is to pass the RHCSA exam.  One of the problems of this is cost, while I can’t afford to take a course I some how need to create myself a lab where I can install multiple copies of the OS to play with.  I’m lucky enough to have subscribed […]

Hackers [In a good way]

If you’re someone of my age, and that’s *!*!*!!*! [damn keyboard], then you would of grown up with Wargames/Hackers/Anti Trust and various other hacker [in the loosest possible term] movies.  I’ve always been a fan, and even now it makes me smile when they are zooming through a landscape knowing that it’s not really like […]

Hardware Anguish

Over the past few years, I’ve been posting about the different ways I’ve been using linux and windows to achieve hardware redundancy.  The aim to save myself a lot of heartache if and when my old servers decide to give up the ghost.  We’ll my time finally came and all my efforts came crashing down. […]

RHEL 7.1 Network Interface Bonding

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It seems that setting up NIC bonding in RHEL7.1 is the same as in CentOS, then again why wouldn’t it be, this is what worked for me. Make sure you’re in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts First create the ifcfg-bond0 file DEVICE=bond0 IPADDR=xx.xx.xx.xx NETMASK=xx.xx.xx.xx GATEWAY=xx.xx.xx.xx NM_CONTROLLED=no BOOTPROTO=none ONBOOT=yes USERCTL=no Next we’ll edit the ifcfg-eno1/2 files ifcfg-eno1 DEVICE=eno1 USERCTL=no ONBOOT=yes NM_CONTROLLED=no […]

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