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My Linux Life

I was looking at my network setup at home over the weekend and one of the things I was looking at was my storage server. It’s a 1u server running window 2012 r2 [trial] that all my files reside on, it’s setup to use nic teaming and all in all is just a file server. […]

Debian NFS Server

I wanted to create a NFS share on my backup server so I can backup my storage server, I rsync stuff between the storage server and the backup box, instead of creating a samba share I just wanted to setup an NFS share instead, this is how I did it. This is on Debian Jessie […]

Centos 6.6 Network Bonding

It turns out that Network NIC bonding in Centos 6 isn’t as bad as I thought, the only recommendation I can made is don’t try to set it up via a SSH session, make sure you’re either in a console session or actually in front of the server. In my system I currently have eth0 […]

Debian Testing – Nvidia

I’m currently running Debian testing on my laptop, it’s a Dell Latitude E6510 with an Nvidia video card. Here’s what I did to get it working, it was less painful than I thought it was going to be. 1, If you haven’t already add contrib and non-free to your sources.list file, then update. 2, Run […]

A little knowledge goes a long way.

I’m teaching myself pen testing, cracking and all sorts of stuff that people might call nefarious, but as a system administrator I wanted to make sure I was aware of tools and techniques that are currently available. First one is cracking wifi passwords, a friend of mine watched a program about this on the BBC […]

Fedora 22 + Virtualbox

Install VirtualBox onto a Fedora 22 system couldn’t be easier, download the application from the VirtualBox site and install using dnf.  Simple Creating a virtual maching couldn’t be simpler, running the said virtual machine out of the box isn’t so simple. When you run it, it complains about kernel modules and suggests you rerun a […]

Fedora 22 Rendering Issue

I’m using Fedora 22 Workstation on a Dell Latitude E6510 and It’s working fine, I’ve just got this wierd screen rendering issues. When you login, the ICONS are huge, both on the desktop and in the file manager, to me it looks horrible.     Luckily you can change them, you can view the file […]

Fedora 22

Yet another release from Fedora, this time it’s release 22, and while it works like a charm, I had 2 issues with it within the first five mins, while not a problem, then are still niggles. 1st – Wifi, still no iwlwifi.conf to stop the wifi led flashing when it’s connected to wifi. Luckily this […]

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