Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + RAW Images

As you know I’m a linux fan, and a photographer, but one of the things I’ve noticed is that in Nautilus raw images have no thumbnail preview, and this is quite a pain if you’re just looking at your files and want to pick the correct image to edit. ¬†Well after a few mins research

Contributing to the Fedora Project

Once of the many things I do for the Fedora Project is Tagging, it’s something any one can do and it’s a quick/easy way to give back to Fedora. First go here https://apps.fedoraproject.org/tagger/   You’ll need to login with your FAS credentials. You’ll then be taken to this page   From this page, you have

Xubuntu 14.04 Desktop

In my conquest to try every linux desktop variation, I decided it was the turn of Xubuntu 14.04. Xubuntu is basically ubuntu, but instead of using the unity interface, it used the xfce window manager. Installation was as quick as any normal ‘buntu installation, so nothing was a surprise there. What was a surprise was

Fedora UK – Minecraft Server

I’ve created a minecraft server so the uk community and it’s friends can have a play, it’s nothing special, just a 20 user vanilla minecraft server. If you play minecraft and want to come along and play minecraft with members of the Fedora UK community, then direct your minecraft client to minecraft.fedora-uk.org I’ve left a

Fedora command line quick tip #2123

Missing the logout option from gnome-shell?, run this from the command line to have the logout option back. gsettings set org.gnome.shell always-show-log-out true

Paul Mellors .NET Forums

I’ve just added a forum to my website at http://www.paulmellors.net/forums/ [ or just click the forums link at the top of my site, it’s just a simple one where you can login, start a discussion or answer fellow discussions. I’m thinking that I can use this for questions and answers about the Fedora OS and

Fedora Package Cleanup

I like to play with apps, so I install a lot, and see what they do, when I’ve finished with them, I’ll yum remove them, but if any apps have installed anything else as a requirement, it’ll leave it behind and not remove it. Now I like a clean and tidy machine so I was

Linux BASH | Fedora | Ubuntu

Taken from this page – http://fedoramagazine.org/flaw-discovered-in-the-bash-shell-update-your-fedora-systems/ Seems like a security flaw has been discovered in BASH You can see if you’re affected by running this command env x='() { :;}; echo OOPS' bash -c /bin/true And if that command returns OOPS, then your bash shell is vulnerable. If you are running a patched bash, output

Fedora 20 + Netflix

I’ve finally got native Netflix working in Fedora 20, this is what I had do to get it working. Make sure you’re running Chrome Version 37 at least Make sure you’re running NSS version 3.17 paulmellors@localhost ~]$ rpm -q nss nss-3.17.0-1.fc20.x86_64 Make sure you have the chrome user agent switcher installed Think you can get

Irssi – Reducing the noise.

I’ve been using irssi for years, one of the things, which to be honest I’ve been lazy about, that annoys me, is that when people are trying to get hold of me, I’m having to troll through the logs looking for their discussion while ignoring all the PARTS JOINS QUITS etc etc etc. I decided