Windows – virt-manager

I’m currently running a Centos 6.5 virtual host, it’s just setup to use kvm etc. As a Fedora user, I can just install the virt-manager software on my machine and use this to setup my virtual machines. Yes I know I can use it all from command line, but this is all about the gui. Sometimes [I dual boot my laptop] I’m in windows, so was wondering if you could run virt-manager under windows. Well […]

Fedora + Youtube + Hangouts

A few of the Fedora UK team got together last night, with the aid of Mark Terranova, to try and get our heads around Google Hangouts on air. It was a right mishmash of giggles and not knowing what to actually do. It turns out that it’s not just a case of create the hangout, then any one can join, it’s a bit smarter than that. First you have to specify the intended audience, then […]

Fedora UK – G+Hangout

A few of the Fedora UK community are getting together this evening to have a general chin wag, there will be Fedora content as well, but we’re just doing this first one as an experiment for a possible future podcast. Non of us have really used hangouts before so I suspect it’s going to be complete bedlam, but fun non the less. If you fancy joining in or just coming along to have a watch […]

Fedora | Webcam | Recording

I’ve been wanting to record my webcam for ages, but never found the right way of doing it, VLC streaming wasn’t brilliant, cheese had lag when recording videos, but I think I’ve found the right solution for me.  Only time will tell when I start to record videos for blog posts. For the recording of the webcam, which happens to be a Microsoft HD cam, I used Kamoso It appears to be a KDE app, […]

Fedora + Flattr

From time to time, I might, just might, put something on the Fedora Planet that might enjoy or it might help you with a problem you’ve been having, with that in mind, and seeing as hosting doesn’t pay for itself, I’ve added a flattr button to my posts.  Don’t feel you have to contribute anything, I just put it there if you’re feeling generous. I’ve also been interested in getting more badges, so I’ve joined […]

Windows 2012 – Remote Desktop

I’m playing about with Windows 2012 Server and RDP was giving me nothing but grief, I could not connect to it, and I couldn’t figure out why, I knew it must be firewall related, but I couldn’t see why, basically because I’m blind. Here’s how you fix it. Start up powershell and run this Get-NetConnectionProfile Look for the network category, if you’ve just recently install the server, then it’s more likely set to Public If […]

Hyper-V + Windows 8.1

I’ve now configured my server, which is a Dell 1950 to have Windows Hyper-V sever R2 2012, the setup of it was quite easy, only took about 10 mins, then the issues revealed themselves to me. No matter what I tried I couldn’t remote desktop to the machine or use the Hyper-V manager to connect, it was having non of it. Then Google to the rescue, I had to do this. cmdkey /add: /user: /pass: […]

Windows Server – The Basics

I should get my new server later today, so I’m planning on doing a few tutorials, as a way of learning, showing how I’m going to setup my new server. I’m planning on installing windows 2008 hyper-v server, then creating virtual machines, a domain controller, and an exchange server which I hope to document along the way. Keep watching for more information

Fedora MBR

I dual boot my laptop, Windows 8.1 and Fedora, now, and to be honest I get fedup of linux, and remove it from my system, then I get bored of windows and like to re-install Fedora again. This morning was one of those times, I got fedup of Fedora so booted my machine with the windows 7 CD, went in to rescue mode and fixed the mbr with this command. bootrec /fixmbr Damn I’ve forgotten […]

Network Speeds – MTU

I’ve been having an issue with copying data to my NAS for a while and I’ve finally had a chance to take a quick look at it. It’s an old NEtgear NAS Duo v1. I was only getting about 1/2 mb/s transfer to it, so I figured something was wrong there. I read a website from someone who had the same issue, their solution was to update the MTU for both the desktop and the […]