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Debian Jessie + Kvm


While Debian has always been my favourite server os, due to it’s stability and community, I’ve never really ever used it for anything other than a standard simple samba storage server, and for that it’s always worked a treat.  I’ve been using Windows 2012 hyper-v for a couple of weeks and with replication, it’s been […]

Nic Bonding

I’ve been playing about with NIC bonding on my storage server, it’s current running CentOS 6.7. And to be honest apart from the types that I can’t use due to me not having decent switches, I can’t really tell any difference between them, I’m guessing that’s the whole point. In my current setup, I’m using […]

Fedora Planet

Well it seems all my planet issues were down to a caching plugin on my website, I was getting all frustrated due to it still not working after removing the plugin, I was getting a bit frustrated. Then I noticed a .htaccess file in my webspace, opened that up and, rats, caching information in there […]

My Linux Life

I was looking at my network setup at home over the weekend and one of the things I was looking at was my storage server. It’s a 1u server running window 2012 r2 [trial] that all my files reside on, it’s setup to use nic teaming and all in all is just a file server. […]

Debian NFS Server

I wanted to create a NFS share on my backup server so I can backup my storage server, I rsync stuff between the storage server and the backup box, instead of creating a samba share I just wanted to setup an NFS share instead, this is how I did it. This is on Debian Jessie […]

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