Fedora – Windows Shares

I have a server at home that’s running windows 7 [don't ask] on it I have certain shares I want to access to get to files, simple task, but not that simple in Fedora.

I can browse using nautilus to get to the windows network, but any further than that I’m getting an error.

Unable to access location

Drove me nuts for ages and while I’ve not been able to find a definate fix, it seems that disabling the firewall on the Fedora machine allows me to connect without any problems.

systemctl stop firewalld.service

Until i find a better solution, that will have to do :S

Three Kernels

I had a question yesterday about the way fedora keeps 3 kernels.

By default, Fedora will retain the three latest kernels. This is to ensure that you always have a working kernel installed, in case the latest update breaks something. To change the number of kernels you have installed, change the value of the installonly_limit variable in /etc/yum.conf. It would be 3 by default.

You can remove the older kernel by using the command

yum remove kernel

It doesn’t remove the currently used kernel

If you’re ok for space, then I wouldn’t delete them all, it’s better to have more than one in case something happens to your system, then you can at least choose another as part of your investigations.

Thanks to this page for the information

Ethernet over house power.

I decided that wireless, although was great, still wasn’t as good as a wired connection. It was starting to drive me a little nuts, ok maybe I’m just too much of a perfectionist. After speaking to mates at work, we discovered these, and to be honest why the heck am I only finding out about them now.



In this case they are Netgear powerline adapters, you plug them into your power sockets and you can use ethernet over power.  If you want to read more about these particular ones, then take a look here.

I plugged one into the wall socket near my router and used the enclosed cat5 cable to plug into one of the router ports, then used one downstairs that I plug my laptop into.  Works a treat, getting some great lan speeds, seems so quicker than wireless.

Over all quite impressed, now it’ll mean I don’t need to deal with wireless for items like a smart tv, or a console that needs internet access, I just get another plug and plug/go.


Ubuntu 14.04

Did you know that the best way of making sure the next version of ubuntu is the best ever, is to install it and test it, logging any bugs along the way.

If you didn’t know you can download a daily build of 14.04 right here – http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/

Ok so I wouldn’t use it in a production environment just yet, although it would probably work there just as good, it’s something you can install and play with.

Give it a go, you’ll see how Trusty Tahr 14.04 LTS is shaping up, and for one I think it’s going to be one of the best releases to date :)

Fedora UK

It’s with great regret that I’ve decided to come back to the Fedora project to help out with the Fedora UK community. ;)

I’m not giving up all the other work I’m doing with website/windows/ubuntu sites I’m working on, but the Fedora community is a great passion of mine. It’s something I’ve been working on for a long time and I don’t want to see it stagnate.

If you don’t know we do have our own site and mailing list and channel on freenode. If you want to speak to me or just even say hello / welcome back, please feel free to contact me, I did miss you all :D




Mailing List


server – irc.freenode.net
channel – #fedora-uk
My nick is MooDoo

NAS storage

I’m currently a fan of backblaze, for anyone that doesn’t know who they are, put it simply, they are an online storage provider, read more about them here – Backblaze

I use them and fingers crossed, I’ve never had to use them, and I hope I never will. But this got me to thinking, although $5 isn’t a lot, in fact in UK terms it’s about £3 a month, should I be really spending this amount of money on a backup solution even though £36 a year is bloody brilliant for unlimited storage.

I’m starting to think not. Especially seeing as I could use the amount for something else, kids have that affect on you.

So where do we go from here? Do I want a pre built solution such as a Synology/Drobo?

Do I want to go for a DIY solution such as a desktop with lots of drives running Debian or a nas designed package such as freenas?

Well at the moment I’m not sure, in the short term it’s going to cost either way, but as I’m paranoid about backups something has to be done. Keep tuned for the next episode of

NAS101 with Paul :D

Windows Exams

I’ve just received word that my exam has been rescheduled till April, beyond my control so what can I do. So with this in mind [which I'll admit will give me more time to make sure I know everything], I’m going to start a set of posts charting my experiences with studying for the 070-410 Installing and configuring Windows Server 2012 exam.

I’m a bit peeved that I couldn’t take it a little earlier, but now I’ve got that buffer zone to make sure I can pass. It’s £99.00 an exam!?!?!?

Stay tuned for Post #1 – Study guides.

Asus Router User – You’ve been pwned

I’ve just purchased a new router, it’s an Asus RT-AC56U, all was working well until a friend in IRC [thanks MartijnVdS] informed me of a security flaw. Essentially, if you’ve ever had a hard drive attached to the USB port on the router, have FTP enabled, which is on for various models, then in some situations you can see the entire contents of that external drive online. Understandably I panicked, but then realised, I’ve not got these functions enabled, and don’t have an external drive attached. I did though upgrade to the latest firmware and rebooted.

If you think this might affect you, then read this


You might want to think about upgrading your firmware and change any passwords. Possibly even disconnect your hard drive.

You may also want to make sure you’re IP isn’t on this page – http://pastebin.com/ASfYTWgw if it is then from a browser type ftp://ipaddress and see if you can see your files, if you’re unpatched they will appear which is utterly gobsmacking :(

Don’t let yourself get caught out.

Planet Winstructions

Winstructions .net is a site I’m working on with a friend. Today I’ve opened up a planet on the site. If you don’t know what this is, it’s an aggregation of blogs. It’s a way of having your microsoft related post on a single page with a number of other users so you can see what we’re all up to. An insight into the lives and minds of Microsoft product users.

The page in itself is new so doesn’t have much there at the moment. But hopefully over time you’ll start to see more posts from people all over the world using Microsoft products. Could be quite interesting.

Any questions or if you want your blog feed adding, let me know. I’ll tell you what you need to send me.