Slow scrolling – Firefox – Fedora 21

When I first install Fedora 21, I knew I was going to like it, but one thing that got on my tits, was scrolling within Firefox, it was slow, jerky pretty much unusable, so off to google I went and looked for a bug and or solution.  Well the solution was easier than I thought.

Fedora 21 – Gnome Terminal and IRSSI

Well It seems that the default install of Gnome Terminal in Version 3.14.2 doesn’t play nicely with Irssi. If you have multiple channels open, you’re unable to ALT-1 or ALT-2 to get to each channel. It’s an easy fix, open a terminal, and from the top of the screen right click terminal and click preferences


AS you know I’m trying to learn about High Availability on my servers, just so that I can keep a webserver up as long as possible, it’s going ok at the moment, but I’ve been looking at alternate ways to sync data across my servers. Rsync has been the easiest method so far, but then

Microsoft – A new found fondness

Now if you know me, you’ll know I love linux, well on the server at least, for a webserver that serves customer sites, it’s fantastic. Ok with any linux setup you need to know what you’re doing, but when you do, it’s very easy. What’s not so easy, is high availability, or failover. It’s possible

Hyper-v to Kvm

I recently moved from a Hyper-v setup to a RHEL setup, and didn’t really fancy reinstalling my VM’s. I’m a home user really so the VM’s I have are mainly a shell account server for my friends to connect to IRC and a couple of minecraft servers. The only other VM I have that I

Vnc Server on a CentOS/RHEL 7 system

I’m currently running a server gui on a RHEL7 Server, which is working fine if you want to work directly from the console.  However if the server is in a very awkward place, like it is in my case, you’ll probably want to remote control the server from the safety and warmth of your man/woman-cave. 

Installing Fedora from USB – Part #1 Windows

Installing Fedora, in fact, installing any os/software from CD takes an age. With the advent of larger and larger USB sticks, which you probably all own, I find it easier to install stuff from a USB stick. It also allows you as a Fedora Ambassador to demo the latest version on a friend/colleagues computer without

Server temp error

I’ve been getting a Ambient Temp message on my server for about a week now, they are saying it’s to do with either the fan or the temp in the room, the server is in my garage where it’s freezing, so the only thing I can think of is that the fan has gone, or

Ubuntu 14.04 Server + Haproxy + keepalived + failover

I have a webserver [ubuntu, but I’m sure you can pretty much use the same setup for Centos/Fedora] running a few websites for family and friends, although I’m running the server in raid in case I lose a drive, I was still a bit worried about what happens if the whole server goes down.  I’ve

Windows 2012 Server Remote desktop.

As well as having to turn the network to private from public, which you can read about here, I also noticed that there was a problem with the connection either hanging, restarting with a black screen, or just not connecting at all.  After a little research, I found a registry key hack that seems to